My Dearest,

Merry Christmas! Believe it or not, we just put up the tree yesterday.  We will probably take it down tomorrow.  My mom is a really nice person but she just isn’t very much for the holidays.  At first, I was sort of upset but not anymore.  I understand.

I really want to lose weight.

I want guys to look at me.

So I am starting my diet tonight after I had a million of Grandma H.’s chocolate chip cookies. Tomorrow, I will start a new leaf so I can wear tight jeans and cut-off shirts!  I am lightening my hair.  I will forever be a blonde.  I wish I could spend Christmas with you.  We could sip champagne.  You in a tux, me in a wonderful dress, how romantic! Well, this 168-pound girl will say goodbye, not only to the weight but to you as well.

Merry Christmas to the world and you my love,