My Love,

Tonight is Footloose, it is a really good movie. I used to pretend I was the girl.  She is way too skinny but that is okay.  I love her red cowboy boots, though.  I am really tired I have been shopping all day looking for a bomber jacket, too expensive.  I will just have to keep looking.  Well, aren’t I just full of talk, I can’t think of anything else to say…oh wait, yes, I can.

I feel bad because I can’t take risks.

I am afraid of elevators, I am afraid of everything I am afraid of getting caught.  People give me a lot of trouble because of it but what am I supposed to do?  It is not as bad as it used to be.  L. has a lot of nerve sometimes.  She really makes me mad.  She is another person that I can’t hang around with full time.  She has been my best friend off and on since freshman year of high school.  God, we have had some problems.  She drives me nuts.  When I had a journal before I always wrote stories now I hardly ever do.  Well, maybe later.

Yours Truly,