Well, my father never called and yes, it hurts. Mother says “You’ll start something you can’t finish”. But I have a feeling it was started a very long time ago.  It’s not like I will never talk to him again but it does hurt.  He could have called me first.

I feel bad because I just saw Moonlighting and they are a couple and I wish I was. Extremely good news, I watched an episode of Remington Steele tonight.  It wasn’t one of my favorites but who is complaining? You know both shows came out at the same time.

I sometimes wish that once and for all I could forget my dad.  I never really see him and then when I do, he really impresses me.

I know that hurts my mom.  I see him four times a year and then I tell my mom I like him more.  I have always envied him.  He should have left.  And all the time he said he’d take me to the river and I would be part of his crew.  God, he doesn’t even race anymore.  It is all smoke.  It looks real but it’s not.  I care more for K.  I care more for the cat.  I have known her longer too.  And I am not thinking cat years.  When I am older, I picture I will see him once a year.  Just something I would do as an obligation.

By the way, remind me where I can tell L. to go!  She is another pain in the you-know-where.

Here’s to my new diet!  Which as you will be happy to know, I am still at 168.

Thanks for listening,