I had a dream that Remington Steele and Laura Holt were married but, alas, it wasn’t working out too well.  They had a great home and a beautiful child but the magic in their relationship was gone.  Remington thought they should have one more go at saving their marriage.  They go away for a romantic weekend. Krebbs was the babysitter/housekeeper.  Long story short, one of their paintings is stolen.  The couple figures out by whom.  Then, in my dream, I turn into Laura Holt.

It IS a dream, don’t think bad thoughts, dear.

I tell Remington that the thief used “slight of hand”.  Our little boy comes up to me and says that I am very smart.  Remington and I laugh at our little boy and we decide to stay together.

Well, the year is a new year.  Hey, if I work for $5. and hour, 27 hours a week for 36 weeks, I would have enough money to go anywhere I wanted to go in the summer.  I just found out I could make $25. an hour at the Reading Game.

So long,