My Dear,

Vision Quest, that is what I will call it.  In six days, I am going to start something big. Good grades and a good body.  Like Billy Pike used to say, you come in this world alone and you leave it alone, so I am going to do this alone.  I don’t want to die tomorrow and have nothing to show for it.  It will be the biggest thing I have ever done. I have to start somewhere. Journey’s “Only the Young” is in my mind.  I  can do it and I will.  This is my time.  This is for me, not anyone else but me.  I want to win. It’s like that guy says about Pele`, he was sitting there watching TV and he saw that great thing and he and everyone in the stands were cheering. But he was crying because he had never done anything. So eat up while I can six days!

I was in the room here one day watching the Mexican channel on TV.  I know nothing about Pele`.  I’m watching what this guy can do with a ball. Next thing I know he jumps up in the air and flips into a summersault an kicks the ball in upside down and backwards.  The God damn goalie doesn’t even know what the f@#k hits him.  Pele` gets excited an he rips off his jersey, starts running around the stadium, waving it over his head.  Everybody is screaming in Spanish. I’m here sitting alone in my room and I start crying.  Yeah, that’s right.  I start crying.  There’s another human being, a species which I happen to belong, he kicks a ball, lifts himself, the rest of us sat there as human beings wishing up to a better place to be even just for a minute.  Let me tell ya, kid, it was pretty God damn glorious.  It ain’t the six minutes.  It’s what happens in that six minutes.

Until next time,