I am very embarrassed and sorry that I haven’t written to you.  Well, my fears of a horrible roommate are now put to rest.  But school starts tomorrow and unfortunately I think I have really hard classes.

But this semester I joined aerobics and I plan on joining the adventure club and maybe the equestrian team.

I just got a Banana Republic catalog. That whole image sounds great to me.  Picture me thin and very tan going rock climbing or rafting or flying, in a fabulous outfit, ha!  You know officially my diet and everything has started but I think it will start tomorrow.  That way I will stick better to it.  I better write a lot so you won’t be mad at me.  Let’s see… things are back to normal at my college.  Seems like nothing has changed.  Yes, I realize it has only been a month.  I think I will paint.  Au revoir or something like that!

Vaya con Dios!