My Dearest,

“Essay of the Pursuit of Happiness”

This is a very interesting topic to think about as I debate going to my biology class.

The pursuit of happiness is looking for happiness. And looking for happiness is doing what one wants to do or more to the point not doing what one doesn’t want to do.  However, if one does only the things that a person wants to do and only the things that please a person, that person, will not by happy.  Therefore, if one does not do all the things one doesn’t want to do one should be happy.  Unfortunately, that person is not.  To be happy, to be truly happy with oneself, one must do things that are not pleasing.  Also, one must do pleasing things but in moderation.

Take, for example, a first-time college student.  If the student goes to class he or she will not be happy, on the other hand, if the student doesn’t go to the long boring lecture he or she will be very happy.  However, at the end of the semester, the student who went to the boring long lecture will receive a better grade than the student who didn’t go to class.  Now the student with the better grade is happier than the student with the poor grade.

We, as true scholars, must now decide if the happiness of all semester is worth the sadness of the rest of our example student’s life?  Or is the sadness for a semester worth the happiness of our example student’s whole life?

So the pursuit of happiness is not really a pursuit at all but merely a matter of questions.  To have happiness in moderation and the luxuries that come with it or happiness all of the time and the hollow emptiness realized when it is not real?

Class it is…