My Dear,

I thought I would do something different for Holloween.  I am so tired, I just want to lay down and sleep.  I am so tired of this place.  It is funny how one person can turn a person off to something they love so very much.  It doesn’t matter.  Someday, I will learn.  At this point, I am exactly half way home.  Five semesters down, five semesters to go.

Just lately, I have been seeing how wonderful the beach is.  I miss it very much.

I am really questioning my ability to teach.  I have never before done anything right.  What makes me think I will be a good teacher?

I would love to live on or very close to the beach.  It was a dream, a real one for a change, that I had.  I dreamed that I was a mistress to a very rich man who lived in P.V. He bought me a red buy convertible and I am driving down M. when there is an accident.  I start talking to a surfer and he takes me out to dinner (his name is C.) because my boyfriend is not home.  Anyway, I have an awesome three person relationship.  I don’t love my boyfriend but I have no money…