I really am ready to wrap up my college career.  Don’t get me wrong.  College was probably the best thing that has happened to me.  But with 5 semesters down and five to go, I feel more than half way.  I’ve got seven more classes for my major and 18 more units for my minor and I am done.  Oh, plus one year for my credential but that involves student teaching.  I don’t know if I want to do that here or back home.  I am graduating in May of 1991.  That is 18 months away.  Gosh, time flies.  I am really thinking about going home.  You know I never thought I would be happy anywhere else but golly home really does sound like pure joy.  Get a little apartment in R., teach at South, and join a volleyball league.  Take some night classes in art. Maybe pick it up as a major.  Go to USC and get my M.A. in Social Science.  Go to South football games on Friday nights.  Go partying on Saturday.  Definitely, learn how to surf.  See old friends in C. show S. around and anyone else.



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