I was asked to write my daughter a love letter for some church event.  And I remembered _20170105_151809that I had written dozens of letters when I was much younger, to her and to others, way before I had the chance to meet them.  So I thought I would share them here.  They are, for the most part, silly letters from a young girl imagining how great her life would one day be.  Almost every letter answers the same question, where else would I meet him, if not in a dream?

We each live in a world of our own making.  Welcome to my world.


I am writing this for a few reasons.  The first, so that I will remember, remember the good and the bad.  The second, I need an outlet for how I am feeling and thinking, the advice I am getting is good natured but not for me.  Third, this is my monument for something that was very real for me, if for no one else.