He said goodbye, it seems like yesterday.
I wanted to live my dreams, I wanted so much
he said he had to do it all his way
If I’m glad he’s gone, why do I miss him?


Running through the forest
losing my mind, someone behind me
God, it is dark, where am I?

I drink a lot but it does not help
I still see the image through cloudy vision

The Cell

Let me go
Leave me alone
Quit trying to tie me up
Let me be free

I’m struggling, trying to break my chains
monotony, hell
I look at the faces, all the same,
no feeling, no life

I live with God damn robots
help me!
Help me get out!

I’ll never go back
racing away, screaming
you won’t catch me
I’m free

but it’s all a dream
shackled like an animal
the noise, stop the crying

stabbing keep stabbing
Let me go
Leave me alone
Please, please, let me be free

I dreamed about you last night.  How could you dominate my mind when I was just getting over you?  It is like taking steps backward.  It has been six months since last time I saw you. Where are you now? Do you think of me or…


I have thought about you often! It has been 6 months since I have returned and I have seen your grave.  At first, all I wanted to do was die.  Now life seems a lot easier but I still think of you often. I will never get over you.  I sometimes wonder if I shall ever love another?  Sometimes I forget you are gone.  When I first wake up in the morning I call your name.  In the dark, I look for your body next to mine.

Maxine Pruit

This story is mostly a dream that I had awhile ago.  I loved the basic story so I have embellished it.

I am Elvira in a movie with some girl named Vanessa and three guys.  The makers liked what they saw and hired me for a pirate movie.  The Pirate, Matt, and some old guy are all important men in my dream but I don’t meet them all at once.  First, the Pirate, he leads a secret life which no one must know about. Somehow I work out what his secret is.  We become romantically involved as we make the new movie but eventually he leaves.  Now Matt, the director, and I fall in love. We really have feelings for each other.  I don’t know why but after awhile he tries to stay away from me.  I live with the stunt crew they are like a family.  It is fun but they get into some type of accident.

I am ordered to the movie company’s board room. There are two people in the room, Matt, and the old man.  They tell me they are thinking about giving Vanessa my next movie part.  First, I am delighted to see her. But then I remember how she can not be a nice person.   The old man starts yelling at me and Matt says to shut up.  Something happens to me and the old man’s words hurt so much that soon I have some kind of physical injury.  I leave the room. In the hallway, I see the Pirate’s picture. At that moment I realize what the Pirate has been trying to hide.  A crab reaches out from the picture and grabs me. It yanks me into the picture.  The next thing I know I am with the Pirate.  He is relieved to see me and I am in the picture with him for a couple of days. He knows about Matt.  I ask if I can stay with him in the picture, he says no.  He kisses me passionately then he says goodbye.  I move into a house with a lot of windows next to the beach with

I pushed out of the picture and I move into a house with a lot of windows next to the beach.  I have a maid for a companion.  I see my roommate and then someone tries to stab me. I am unharmed but my attacker kills the maid.  The killer reports the stabbing to the police.  Everyone thinks I am dead.  Then a few days later another report is released saying it was all a false alarm.  I go to my 5-year high school reunion.  I see a friend of mine who was very popular.  He owns a yellow convertible Ferrari.  He doesn’t recognize me. Another friend and I convince him of who I am.  We decide to go driving.  I wake up from the dream when he realizes who I am after we go to a donut shop.  All the time I am wondering if Matt misses me.  And if he is having an affair with Vanessa.


In the beginning of time, the good always overpowered the evil that was found in all of man’s sins. While evil tried to stand strong among the dust of hell he constantly was searching for the blackest of hates. He who was feared waiting opportunity.

Now many many lifetimes later good is being destroyed, beaten down. Only the corpses of good men and ashes of dreams on bloods stained streets remain.  It has been written that those who have youth have the future.  So come now children be strong.

November 2, 1989

My Dear,

I don’t know why I am writing to you.  I really don’t have too much to say.  This Saturday is GDI’s “Around the World”.  We have to dress like tacky tourists.  I am really liking GDI right now.  In fact, I am bummed that I didn’t start earlier.  When I graduate I will have had 7 semesters of GDI.  That is really a long time.