January 27, 1988

Three days since I have written, how will you ever forgive me? I am here listening to “Somewhere in Time” in between homework. Hey, I have a class with C. So of course he is talking to me. I would love to have him like me. It would serve him right. I am having a dream. I am going out with a smart, funny, sexy farmer who is a senior. He leaves to go to medical school. We write to each other but our letters dwindle over the years. Now, I am like twenty-three and I am at a party with a guy who is my husband but I have realized that I do not love him. Ryan, as I call him in my story, sees me from across the party. Our eyes meet and my breathe is taken away as he keeps his eyes on me as he walks towards me. And that’s it for now.

Goodnight My Dearest,


Date Unknown

Dear Sir,

You do not know me, as well, I do not know you.  I do not know why you were chosen but I do know I am still looking for you.  Please do not avoid me, nor miss me, nor exclude me, nor lose me, nor reject me for I depend upon you.  You are my life, my present, and future.  Without you I am nothing nor will I ever be anything.

I will continue to look for you, as I hope you are looking for me.