The Cell

Let me go
Leave me alone
Quit trying to tie me up
Let me be free

I’m struggling, trying to break my chains
monotony, hell
I look at the faces, all the same,
no feeling, no life

I live with God damn robots
help me!
Help me get out!

I’ll never go back
racing away, screaming
you won’t catch me
I’m free

but it’s all a dream
shackled like an animal
the noise, stop the crying

stabbing keep stabbing
Let me go
Leave me alone
Please, please, let me be free


There were people everywhere
confusion, drunkenness
If you’re on the street, take care
glass, fire, God, what a mess

The dogs were coming with big teeth
hurting, beating any and all in their path.
Hundreds were hiding, sneaking away like a thief
Men in their riot gear, holding their killer’s staff

People are falling, but down by the deadly scepter
Women screaming, fear clutching their soul.

One night when all was asleep
And the moon sung to the stars

As I closed my eyes to dream my dreams
I felt the world fall away from me
never to return it sometimes seems

As I close my eyes to dream my dreams
I feel the world fall away from me