December 19, 1987

My Dearest,

Only a few short days until the end of 1987.  And the beginning of 1988. How interesting, I had a horrible vision on the way home from the Lakers Clipper game (The Lakers won).  I had a vision that I was in the car with a drunk driver without a seatbelt.  Of course, the vision was ridiculous, for a number of reasons. I would never drive with a drunk person, I would never drive without my seatbelt and I will never get drunk.  But on to lighter subjects.  I am dreaming that P. and I are dating and we take a ballroom dance class together, it really does sound like fun. Then I go away to Spain.  When I come back he has another girlfriend.  Anyway, I leave him for good and travel and have a lot of fun. He shows up at my doorstep three years later.

It is the third day of vacation and as you probably know, I am reading the classics, painting (nothing as of yet), working hard and just enjoying life.  I dug a three-foot ditch forty-eight feet long and two feet wide.  My quote of the day comes from Beauty and Beast

“Although we cannot be together, we will never be apart”.

I would like to read that book.  I am thinking about a pilot’s license again.  At this point in time, it would cost $3,650 to get it.
Love you,