December 30, 2016

My Dearest Heart,

I saw two episodes of Remington Steele.  Not only is it a T.V. show but it is one of my favorite T.V. shows, a touchstone if you will.  The elegance, the sophistication, the intrigue make the show so fabulous. Since I was in the Eighth grade, 1983, I have dreamed of becoming a private investigator and leading an exciting life, visiting many countries.  Well, I realized I can never be an investigator or a con artist but I can travel and

I so much want to lead an adventurous life.

And lead a life of sophistication and of course, Remington Steele, Harry, is a very handsome man.  I wish I was pretty enough to have him for a boyfriend but I am sure I could be if I really tried.  Maybe someday.  I could see me now, teaching school in the winter and traveling in the summer.  I would like to be able to spend at least three weeks where ever I go.  That way I can really get the feeling of the place.  Greece, Rome, France, Spain, Africa, the list never ends.  My greatest wish is to fill this page, and the ones coming ahead, with stuff people want to read about.  I want to be that old grandma that tells exciting tales.

For now,


December 19, 1987

My Dearest,

Only a few short days until the end of 1987.  And the beginning of 1988. How interesting, I had a horrible vision on the way home from the Lakers Clipper game (The Lakers won).  I had a vision that I was in the car with a drunk driver without a seatbelt.  Of course, the vision was ridiculous, for a number of reasons. I would never drive with a drunk person, I would never drive without my seatbelt and I will never get drunk.  But on to lighter subjects.  I am dreaming that P. and I are dating and we take a ballroom dance class together, it really does sound like fun. Then I go away to Spain.  When I come back he has another girlfriend.  Anyway, I leave him for good and travel and have a lot of fun. He shows up at my doorstep three years later.

It is the third day of vacation and as you probably know, I am reading the classics, painting (nothing as of yet), working hard and just enjoying life.  I dug a three-foot ditch forty-eight feet long and two feet wide.  My quote of the day comes from Beauty and Beast

“Although we cannot be together, we will never be apart”.

I would like to read that book.  I am thinking about a pilot’s license again.  At this point in time, it would cost $3,650 to get it.
Love you,